Special Interest Groups

Life Sciences Hub Wales is launching a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), focussed on some of the key themes that will help the sector to develop and support innovative approaches.

SIGs enable engagement across the Life Sciences eco-system and collaboration in these shared interests will help advance the specific areas. Bringing together people and organisations from different disciplines but with a common interest (Hub members and non-Hub members) will help stimulate innovative ideas, projects, products and processes to be successfully delivered.

Life Sciences Hub Wales will help facilitate the SIGs and will provide meeting facilities, principally at the Chris McGuigan Hub but also across Wales as demand dictates.


If you’d like to get involved, either by leading a Special Interest Group (SIG), or by contributing and taking part, please don’t hesitate to email us via hello@lifescienceshubwales.com


Health and life sciences Cell and Gene Therapy: led by Welsh Government
This Special Interest Group brings together the dynamic Cell & Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine clusters in Wales, supporting businesses to develop patient focussed therapies, whilst promoting agile collaborations.
Health and life sciences Digital Health: led by Digital Health Labs
Digital drivers can include innovative technology, cloud computing, and personal genetic information, this group will look at how big data can be turned into real knowledge for better patient outcomes and health sector improvements.
Health and life sciences Health Economics: led by Christie Harper
This SIG will be concerned with the function of healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviours, Life Sciences has a key role in delivering innovation that reflects this desire for ensuring maximum value aligned with clinical effectiveness.
Health and life sciences Wearable Technology: led by PDR
The growth of wearable technology is linked to a need for user access to instant information, what role does Life Sciences have to play in the burgeoning sector, supporting retail, consumer and healthcare providers to work together.
Female Health: led by Kale & Bee
The mission of this Special Interest Group is to develop and support innovation in female health by bringing together businesses, academics and healthcare professionals to build knowledge, networks and collaboration


If you’d like to get involved, either by leading a Special Interest Group (SIG), or by contributing and taking part, please get in touch by emailing hello@lifescienceshubwales.com.