Cooperative European Medicines Development Course

27 October 2017

CEMDC is an integral part of the European drug development accredited multicentrical educational programme.

Organized in collaboration with Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, the iterative training is for graduate students on non-clinical, pharmaceutical and early clinical development.

It will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia under very affordable conditions. If you have cluster members that are active in drug development or research, they are welcome to participate.

You can also contact the organizer, Assistant Professor, Tanja Gmeiner, PhD Pharmaceuticals.

To apply, students must submit a copy of their degrees and a CV describing their professional experience to the CEMDC office or local organizing committee. Tuition fee for the base module 2 is 800 Euros. For available scholarships, please contact the local organizing committee (

Please send the information to interested members as there are still only a few positions still available.

CEMDC Leaflet_short 2017

Module 2 CEMDC 2017 Programme_final draft 11102017