ibe.mapp is a new smart phone app fronted system to help sufferers of COPD and asthma monitor their symptoms and medication and become more involved in the management of their condition. It will allow proof based consultations with GPs, chest nurses and specialists, in person or by video link.

ibe.mapp is personalised to each patient’s needs and includes functions such as monitoring of symptoms and selected well-ness domains (breathlessness, sleep, cough, exercise etc) recording of medications, ambient conditions (pollen, air quality, temperature etc), and peak flow readings to give the patient and their clinician a picture of the person on a day by day basis.

The system provides this data for off-line or on-line use 24/7 by clinicians providing timely information to clinicians where changes in patient condition may require attention and providing useful prompts to the patient where appropriate. In addition a clinician can monitor their entire patient cohort or any individual from their desk at any time.

The system will create opportunities for intervention by exception by medical professionals, and has the potential to minimise routine patient GP and specialist visits and potentially reduce hospitalisations & unexpected emergencies.

ibe.mapp provides a method of reaching patients with situation appropriate motivational messages and encouragement with learning tools and videos and run campaigns for non-smoking and education. GPs can message patients to adjust dosages where necessary or call the patient in for consultation or carry out consultation by video link.

The system aggregates data. The data build up generated by the system will quickly become a valuable resource for historic and forward clinical research monitoring medication performance and new treatments by clinicians and health managers.

This combination of subjective and objective monitoring will provide benefits by encouraging patient participation, giving better compliance in drug regimes and providing opportunities for more cost effective treatments.

The app and supporting system is targeted at the 1,000,000 identified and 2, 000,000 suspected COPD sufferers in the UK, but the platform will be designed using a modular framework enabling easy deployment for other conditions and issues (e.g. Asthma, Diabetes, Government health intervention strategies).

ibe.mapp has potential for rapid scalability to address other conditions and scope for early export of the technology to meet the needs of the many millions of sufferers world wide.


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