NFU Cymru

NFU Cymru represents farmers, managers and partners in agricultural businesses including those with an interest in farming and the countryside.

The organisation is run by a team of staff based in mid Wales; additionally, the structure of the Union is based around 11 counties and 47 local groups representing between four to eight parishes.

NFU Cymru and NFU Mutual Insurance Group Secretaries are responsible for the service offered to local members within each county. The Welsh Council is the governing body. The Council meet on a quarterly basis and is headed by the President and Deputy President.

NFU Cymru Welsh Council have sole and total independent responsibility for the development of agricultural and rural policy in Wales. This also includes independence for all matters relating to the National Assembly for Wales.

NFU Cymru wants rural communities, of which agriculture is the backbone, to be sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. Here in NFU Cymru we provide a variety of services to help our members run their businesses successfully, with advice on legal, planning and taxation matters. We also offer expert advice on marketing their produce and promoting local food produced to

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