Kale & Bee

Kale & Bee has been founded to help women to put their well-being first, with a range of innovative and inspiring products which harness nature in a sustainable and ethical way.

The business idea itself came while founder, Kate Bache was pursuing her interest in humanitarian innovation. Specifically, she came across small organisations in Africa that were using natural resources like papyrus and banana leaves to provide a cheap and effective way for young women to manage their menstrual periods. Kate started to wonder what types of materials existed in Western sanitary products. Shockingly, she discovered they contained many worrying ingredients with the potential of harmful effects on women and the environment.

After extensive research, it became clear that there was a gap in the market for a mainstream natural sanitary brand so Kate started to develop KINDOrganic®.

KIND Organic® is a range of tampons, pads and liners made from certified organic cotton and clinically proven non-irritating to skin.

Skin sensitivity remains one of the most widespread concerns of women, with an estimated 50% suffering in the UK & across Europe.

With many mainstream sanitary products containing unnecessary chemicals, added artificial absorbents and plastics, KIND Organic® is keen to raise awareness of the natural alternatives that have been developed to be kind to women and kind to the environment.

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