Interrad Medical

Interrad Medical, Inc. is an emerging medical device company based in Plymouth, Minnesota, United States.

Interrad Medical is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices designed for minimally invasive interventional and surgical procedures. The first product the Company is commercializing is the SecurAcath subcutaneous catheter securement device.

The SecurAcath technology has many advantages when compared to current catheter securement methods of adhesive devices or sutures. SecurAcath offers a very low catheter dislodgment rate which dramatically decreases catheter replacement costs.

The SecurAcath increases efficiency by decreasing the time required to secure, maintain and remove catheters. The SecurAcath lasts the life of the catheter, and unlike all adhesive securement devices, does not need to be replaced at least weekly. The device design allows for improved catheter site cleaning and minimizes catheter movement which may reduce catheter-related infections.

Finally, the SecurAcath is sutureless, therefore, eliminating the potential for costly needle stick injuries that can occur when suturing catheters. Patient care for millions of people worldwide can be improved as SecurAcath becomes the standard care for catheter securement.

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