ICSA Boardpad Apps

BoardPad is the industry leading meeting and document collaboration solution that transforms directors’ devices into highly secure digital board and meeting packs, they can access online or offline from any location.

With the paperless NHS by 2020 initiative fast approaching NHS trusts are looking to eliminate paper trail and use the right technology to distribute critical information in a timely manner.

On average, most NHS board papers are 350 pages long and require being couriered to each board member when they are published, only a few days before the meeting.

BoardPad replaces bulky paper documents with digital ones, giving both directors and secretarial staff the ability to work in a quicker and more efficient way, cutting down on manual processes, the time it takes to put the packs together and have them delivered on time to the board.

More than 90 NHS organisations trust BoardPad to electronically manage their meetings and papers.

The efficient and intuitive nature of BoardPad enables it to be successfully implemented, ensuring that trusts meet the expectations of the Paperless 2020 initiative.

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