Grahame Guilford & Co

We have worked in the area of economic development and commercialisation in Wales for over eight years.

The founder of the company, Grahame Guilford, has lived and worked in Wales for more than 30 years and for the last 17 of these has been closely involved personally with a range of economic development issues in the public, private and University sectors.

Grahame is an organic chemist by training and has a business background in the Life Science and Healthcare sector, having worked for 30 years for Amersham International, now GE Healthcare. He spent most of that time based in their facility in Cardiff but worked and travelled extensively in the US, Europe, Japan and Russia and the ex-Soviet Block in Eastern Europe. Within Amersham and GE, he held senior management roles in the Commercial, R/D and Manufacturing areas of the company. He left GE in 2007 and set up Grahame Guilford and Company Limited soon afterwards.

Our work includes strategic planning and research commercialisation in the University sector, commercial consultancy within the SME sector and a range of advisory, review and support activities within the public sector.

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