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Fulcrum Direct

Fulcrum finds buyers for ideas, acting as an expert guide, professional advisor and experienced collaborator in bringing the two together. We might work with you on funding applications, or help you to enter a new sector or geographical market.

We are very good at digging up useful information or individuals and making connections. Sometimes those connections are between people, sometimes companies and sometimes between snippets of information which enable us to glean a unique insight for our clients.

Whichever it is, the end result is that our client ends up with a clearer vision about the commercial possibilities for what they are trying to do.  It could be an end user for an initial idea, a collaborator to develop an idea, a precious first customer, or a whole market area.

When we’ve found the best or most knowledgeable people, best placed to help our client get where he wants to be, we approach them, talk to them in person through our primary research.  With this information and a good analytic process we can help our client to develop their own relationships, an, critically, provide them with the detailed business plans, marketing and business development strategies they need to succeed.

Ultimately we save our clients’ money on unnecessary patent prosecution and make them money by smoothing and hastening the route to market.

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