Curapel is a privately held healthcare company that is developing and patenting innovative, safe and effective technologies for common and distressing skin conditions and for cosmetic applications.

We have three products currently in clinical development which target eczema, psoriasis and problems of skin pigmentation as well as a pipeline of additional actives and alternative skincare applications.

Curapel conducts market research with patient groups, talks to dermatologists and listens to what our customers need. We understand that many patients are unhappy with the side effects of their current treatments such as steroid creams and that there is an enormous demand from clinicians and the industry for safe and effective alternatives.

All Curapel products are based on GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) actives which enables a rapid progression to the clinic and delivery of what patients, dermatologists and our customers w

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17 November 2017

Curapella gears up for pellamex product launch

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