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Bond Digital Health evolved from the experiences of an “expert patient” – founder Ian Bond is a long term sufferer of COPD. He created a personalised self-management data record of his condition and daily impact factors to support his treatment, which was later on digitised.

In Bond Digital Health, we develop digital healthcare solutions that operate in the “white space” void between patient visits with their health care professionals. Our solutions transform reactive intermittent treatments into real time, proactive, continuous care based on evidence.

Our three core business functions:

  • B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) – we work with clinical device developers to develop front end applications that connect their diagnostic sensors to back end data platforms.
  • B2C suite of products – for individual sufferers of chronic conditions (such as COPD) who want to become more proactive in self-managing their condition. Each product is based around an easy to use multi platform mobile app that is individually configured for each patient and helps them to record their prescription intake, daily lifestyle indicators, whilst tracking external influences on their condition, like pollen and air quality.
  • Special products – Our ongoing new technology development includes wearable technology products and better ways to support ongoing care for sufferers of chronic conditions following discharge from hospital.
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16 November 2017

Interview with Ian Bond from Bond Digital Health

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