Shingo Training, Discover Excellence Workshops

5 July 2017

Shingo Training, Discover Excellence Workshops
Date: Wednesday 5th July 2017
Venue: Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe
Cost: £950 ex VAT
Duration: 2 Days

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Join over 300 attendee’s, a 100% whom have rated this workshop as outstanding. The programme is a 2 day hands on practical Shingo workshop at one of the leading medical device manufacturers in the country. This workshop will be covering the Shingo principles of Enterprise Excellence where you will learn, and witness at first hand, how Shingo principles drive behaviour throughout the entire organisation to deliver world class results. This course is accredited and certified to both the Shingo Institute and CPD service (Continual Professional Development).

You will learn to align your organisational principles and core values with your systems. Group activities are used to help develop skills in assessing alignment and also how to address misalignments by embedding your principles into your work and management systems.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of focusing on Shingo principles
  • Articulate principle-driven behaviour
  • Identify how tools link to systems
  • See and assess behaviour to provide constructive-feedback
  • Explore what adjustments could be made to improve systems in driving ideal behaviour for world class results

Our first event in Europe was held at the Shingo Silver Medallion winning refinery, Vale based in Wales, UK. You can find out what the students thought of the training and how the workshop went by reading the news item.

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