Rethink Reality

15 November 2017

Rethinking all aspects of reality in daily lives and day to day business and how Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality enhance these experiences or improve productivity.

The Rethink Reality event will give you the opportunity to experience being in a Virtual World and interact with Augmented Reality. It will give you insight into how industry is currently using these technologies to develop their business and inspire you to do the same.

VR, AR and MR are so much more than gimmicks and fun experiences, we will see them drastically change the way we socialise, work and live. We want to give you insight into these Emerging Technologies and inspire you to innovate.


  • Registration
  • What is the difference?
  • Is there a place for VR, AR and MR in business?
  • What reality is best for me?
  • VR Presentation
  • AR Presentation
  • Why companies have turned to VR?

Networking Lunch and the opportunity to experience these realities.