Powys Teaching Health Board Bright Ideas Innovation Event 2018.

15 March 2018


The Powys Teaching Health Board Bright Ideas Innovation Event 2018 will bring healthcare employees with a bright idea or a practice challenge together with others who can help them. People who have experience in innovation, project management, finance, research, improvement, industry, third sector partner’s to help kick-start change in the NHS in Wales


Cefn Lea Conference Centre, Newtown.


10:00 – 15:00

15th March 2018



10:00 Registration

10:15 Welcome address – Carol Shillabeer

10:30 Keynote speaker – Inspiring innovation TBC

10:50 Pitch perfect speed dating

Innovators rotate round the tables every 5 mins to pitch their idea/challenge. Innovators with and Idea/ challenge concisely try to give others on the table an insight into what they want to achieve. Can be verbal, or can bring flyers to hand out etc. This is the window to invite people to talk to them further during the day. Listeners have a ‘I want to know more’ card with their email address on it. They give this to any project they are interested in for contact later. The session is fast and moves a lot so is just intended to be a snap shot of all the projects

11:30 Coffee and networking – Who do I need to get to know better? 

Opportunity to grab a coffee and go back to anyone who made an impression on you during the pitch perfect session, arrange to meet up at some point during the day and make your interest known. Opportunity for discussion with execs and gain a feel for if it would be supported. Delegates can choose to find quiet corners to chat or arrange a meeting later if they want to go to the concurrent session

11:45 Optional micro session – Bevan Commission, Sion Charles

Run concurrently to networking for those that want to attend. Bevan representative will do a micro session explaining what the Bevan academy is and how it can support project ideas. Also what opportunities there are through the Bevan Commission to apply for exemplars or fellows and gain support

12:00 Networking – Do I need external support, who will be on my team?

Delegates encouraged to visit the stand and make contact with external people in the room who might be able to support their projects. Focus on who you need to make contact with, who is in your team? Hub member can support and facilitate pointing people in the right direction for their projects and assist in introducing employees to relevant people.

12:30 Optional micro session – IGOR IP, Rhydian Owen

Run concurrently for those that want to attend. IGOR IP representative will do a micro session explaining what they do and how it can support project ideas. Also what opportunities there are through the IGOR IP to apply for funding and liaise with industry partners and gain support.

12:45 Lunch and networking 

General opportunity and time for people to go back to anyone who gave them a ‘I want to know more’ card in the morning. Start to develop project ideas and action plan for collaboration.

13:30 Optional micro session – NHS Wales Awards 

Awareness session to encourage people to think about applying and tips on what makes a good application.

13:45 Networking – Next steps what do I do now?

Opportunity to network with hub members and supporters to discuss the information that they have gathered so far and how they might take things forward. Hub members need to be around to support and advice on next steps. Who else might people need to speak to and haven’t thought about?

14:00 Optional micro session – Lessons learnt from the other projects – Powys Staff

Powys staff who have had projects do a 5 min presentation on lessons they learnt and what they might do differently if they were to do it again.

14:15 Networking – Project plans 

Opportunity for project to sit down and start thinking about time frames and how to plan the next steps for their projects. Hub members to help facilitate their thoughts, maybe get some members of the PMO to support at a table with sample project plans.

14:30 Where am I now

Innovators asked to place post it notes with project ideas onto flip charts – changed my mind, need a re-think, know what to do, no help needed. Want to come back for day two building a project business case.

14:45 Closing address – David Murphy

15:00 Evaluation dart boards and home 


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