NHS Wales Intel Innovation Award

31 May 2018

This is a unique opportunity for Health Boards and Trusts to work in partnership with industry, bringing technological and medical expertise together to make significant impacts on patient diagnosis and care.

Two NHS Wales Innovation Awards are available to provide NHS Wales with the opportunity to take advantage of the rapidly accelerating pace of digital technology and in particular the advancements in computing power and connectivity in order to ultimately make care better and more cost effective.

The fund aims to drive clinical and service impact by making much better use of the power of knowledge to help patients, and to help them help themselves. It is being established to support projects which have the ability to use precise and rich information about patients to gain a better understanding of how numerous factors interact at the individual level and to use this knowledge to improve decisions affecting the care of patients.

The fund is open to all Welsh Health Boards, Trusts, hosted services and local authority delivered health and care services. Partnerships with Academia are encouraged.

Projects will be selected and prioritised against the weighted criteria below. Funding will be made available to projects through a grant offer letter and quarterly claims in arrears against project expenditure. Supported projects will need to submit a quarterly report alongside each claim, providing details of spend, progress and benefits achieved to date.

The value of each of the awards is £100k revenue per annum for 24 months.

The winning project teams will also receive the following support from Intel UK:

  • Up to 3 training workshops in the specific areas of:

– Medical Imaging Analysis – specifically using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques

– Genomic Analysis using the Intel / Broad BIGStack solution

  • Access to the latest generally available Intel optimised AI software
  • Support for the deployment of these optimised AI software products for Image Analysis
  • Support for the deployment of the Intel / Broad Big Stack for Genomic Analysis
  • Support in defining a statement of work that may be performed by the winning project team after the award is made
  • Meetings to help identify areas of opportunity for improvement or identify challenges and options for resolving these challenges


Project proposals focussing on Artificial Intelligence are invited, example areas include:

  1. Image analysis
  2. Genomics

There will be another engagement opportunity on 22 May for applicants to meet the Intel/NHS team in person and further discuss their project ideas. The 22 May clinic will be held at the Life Sciences Hub in Cardiff Bay. There will be technology available to dial in.

Project proposals must be submitted by 31 May 2018 and we aim to inform successful project applicants by end June 2018, for projects to start in September 2018.

The funding team can be reached by email at healthtechfund@gov.wales and are happy to meet with anyone to discuss proposals and the fund criteria in more detail, and to provide further guidance and clarifications.