Innovate UK- Event Alert – Analysis for Innovators Competition Briefing

20 February 2018


Innovate UK expect the programme to particularly appeal to manufacturing companies, especially those involved in complex supply chains, but companies applying may be from any sector.

The Analysis for Innovators (A4I) programme is different in that it targets competitiveness and productivity head on, by offering cutting edge R&D, expertise and facilities to UK companies that want to solve an analysis or measurement problem from within their existing business.



Innovate UK’s partners on this programme run some of the most advanced facilities in UK. They are:-

The expertise will be through initial free technical consultancy brokered to successful applicants to A4I, and then offer financial support to allow industry access to their unique facilities and expertise in optional follow-on R&D projects.



Wales Principality Stadium, Cardiff, CF10 1NS



20 February 2018: 9:30-16:00


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