Deployment, Connectivity and Security for NHS Wales Mobile Applications

24 August 2017

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Deployment, Connectivity and Security for NHS Wales Mobile Applications

NHS Wales develops and supports a large number of clinical applications, access to which is currently only possible using private networks. There is a growing demand to enable mobile working for clinical staff, both in the traditional heath care environment and also within the community. Access to clinical systems therefore needs to be possible via public networks.

It is intended to publish the applications via public ‘app stores’ and permit them to be installed and run on privately owned devices. Given the sensitivity of the data and the implications of a data breach, there is a particular focus on the cyber security elements of the solution.

Key Requirements:

In response to this requirement – the following elements are key deployment, connectivity and security features of the solution:

  • Use of WCPm on personal and corporate supplied devices
  • Installed and easily updated by user (UK App Stores or NWIS App stores when on an NHS Wifi network)
  • iOS, Android, Windows phones
  • Accessible over home and public Wifi – anything the device is connected to with internet available.
  • Prevent keyboard, camera and microphone, etc, from sending captured data beyond application on device.
  • Prevent data being cached in app for more than 5 minutes, or when app/phone is shut down.
  • Secure, encrypted and/or VPN transmission to PSBA.  ADFS.
  • Application and data error monitoring and alerts

Please download this PDF (NWIS Requirements Table) to view additional requirements.


What technological solutions exist or need to be considered in providing solutions to the above?

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