Call to industry partners – Industry Partnerships with the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group

27 July 2018

The Diabetes Delivery plan continues to provide a framework for action and a good starting point for industry partnerships, with a nationally agreed plan, expert implementation group membership and support, pre-agreed priorities and visibility at policy level.
NHS Wales has planned integrated health and social care systems, which are informed and supported by guidelines, standards, shared services and national digital systems. This structure provides a strong platform for innovation, with opportunities to create shared value through joint working between NHS Wales and industry partners.
A key aim is to maximise the value of care and by being more efficient to enable resources to be directed to the areas that have a bigger impact on health and wellbeing. Prudent Healthcare dictates that NHS Wales should work with industry partners to identify areas of need and the opportunity to research, design and develop new ways of delivering healthcare services, and measure real world improvement impact, focused on outcomes, through the controlled implementation and evaluation of redesigned services. Collaborative working should be clinically led, needs driven and outcome focused, using an applied research and development systemic approach to measure in real time the impact on:


  •  Equity of access to high quality evidence-based care and improved outcomes
  •      Reducing unwarranted variation in health and wellbeing services
  •  Improving patient experience of an engagement with healthcare services;
  •      Improving the resource efficiency of NHS Wales and other healthcare providers;
  •  Provide clinical advice and leadership to support decision making and strategic planning


By doing so, projects will

  • Demonstrate new products and services, building an evidence case for their wider adoption and/or further development;
  • Develop new insights, understanding and knowledge, including potentially exploitable intellectual property;
  • Develop and validate new product pathways and outcome-based models, which better align the interests of industry and healthcare providers.


Call to industry partners – Expressions of interest are invited to work with the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group in relation to improving Insulin Pump Services across Wales.
As part of their wider work plan in supporting implementation group priorities, the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group are issuing a call to Industry to provide programme/project management expertise and resources to undertake a project aimed at improving the insulin pump services across Wales. NICE benchmarking suggests that 12% of the type 1 diabetes population should be using insulin pump therapy. In Wales the National Insulin Pump Audit 2016 shows 5.8% of the type 1 diabetes population use insulin pump therapy. Insulin pump therapy is associated with improved outcomes. There is inequity across Wales in the proportion of people offered insulin pump therapy in different geographical areas.
Previous work has revealed that a lack of appropriately skilled staff is the chief barrier to increasing accessibility to this therapy in Wales


The project aims are as follows:

  1. To ensure optimal outcomes for people using insulin pump therapy.
  2. To introduce efficiency practices into current services such as group work, embedding self-care and management and greater use of virtual review (this has been successfully piloted in Cardiff and Vale UHB)
  3. Training of key specialist diabetes staff to up-skill the workforce.

The project is highly likely to include:

  • A review of the current clinical process within the 16 insulin pump services in Wales to determine scope for efficiency measure
  • Education of specialist insulin pump staff to incorporate innovative practices to promote self-management and reduce staff intervention such as use of technology
  • Education of diabetes specialist staff without pump expertise to increase the knowledge pool and recognise that this is no longer a niche area of practice
  • Promote equity of access to insulin pump services in areas of low use, particularly areas of deprivation and rural areas
  • Temporary support to services in times of critical staff shortages


This call to industry will be taken forward through the following phases:

  • Phase 1 – Issue of call requesting expressions of interest and inviting dialogue with the National Clinical Lead for Diabetes in Wales, Julia Platts (May – Mid June 2018)
  • Phase 2 – Industry partners will then be asked to submit proposals (of no more than 5 pages) which set out how they intend to work with the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group to achieve the project aims above. This proposal will need to set out approach, inputs, resources and proposed timetable. If successful, the partner (or partners) will be invited to present to a sub group of the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group. Collaborative proposals between two or more partners are actively encouraged, particularly if they are based in Wales. Closing date is 9am on 18th June 2018.
  • Phase 3 – Proposals will then be assessed by a panel of experts and preferred partner(s) selected. W/C 18 June 2018
  • Phase 4 – An Insulin Pump Steering Group (with others as agreed) will then work with successful industry partner(s) to agree scope, location, shared inputs and resources through a costed and timetabled project plan. June – end July 2018. 


Key principles to be applied:

  • All working is on a non-exclusive basis and partners are free to work with others, subject to appropriate terms on confidentiality and non-disclosure.
  • Partners commit to work together up to the end of each phase. There is no obligation to support projects through subsequent phases. Project progress is managed through a clear governance and approval decision point at the end of each phase.
  • Openness and transparency – individual participants must disclose all relevant interests; partners must commit to working on a basis of trust and candour.
  • Partners contribute assets (e.g. data) solely for the purposes of joint working, with no right granted to other participants to retain or to use assets for any other purpose or beyond the life of the project.
  • Partners retain their pre-existing intellectual property; new intellectual property created through the joint working is jointly owned by the industry partner(s), but can be used freely by NHS Wales.


Industry partners who are interested in responding to this call are asked to indicate their intention by contacting Julia Platts, National Clinical Lead for Diabetes ( and arranging to discuss as per phase 1 of the process.