A new digital health ecosystem for health and care across Wales

A partnership has been launched to help tech companies access health and care sector platforms and share digital health innovations.

The collaboration between the Life Sciences Hub Wales and the NHS Wales Informatics Services (NWIS) is supported by Welsh Government through its Efficiency Through Technology Programme.

Key aims be to create a national network, or ‘eco-system’, to deliver new ways of enhancing well-being and the quality of care through digital applications and services; taking it outside the ‘bricks and mortar’ of hospital or other health and care settings.

The project runs until March 2020 and involves both software development by NWIS and engagement of stakeholders by the Life Sciences Hub, through a series of events and information sharing meetings.

The ecosystem provides a route to tap into NHS expertise and a technical platform to allow approved commercial partners to access test versions of NHS Wales and other systems.

Overall, it’s intended that the enabling environment:

  • accelerates the delivery and adoption of the latest digital solutions to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs
  • creates a pathway for access to health and care data
  • fosters innovation from all stakeholders, encouraging cross sector cooperation and implementation
  • supports the development of new products and services to drive business growth, job security and creation, ensuring prosperity for all.

The NHS Wales Informatics Service is responsible for delivering the national information and technology services needed for modern patient care and for maintaining critical operational IT services. www.wales.nhs.uk/informatics

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales Spring Event 6 March 

The project is led by Helen Northmore at the Life Sciences Hub and partners at NWIS. Email digital@lifescienceshubwales.com


06/03/2018 DHEW event speakers’ presentations

Dyfan Searell Presentation

Gary Bullock Presentation

Ifan Evans Presentation

Cari-Anne Quinn Presentation

Bleddyn Rees Presentation

Piret Hirv presentation



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